Strongman Comp

Strongman Competition

BACK FOR A 2ND YEAR! “Strongest Of The Strong” — Strongman Competition, Event for Men and Women! Raising Money for BRENTS PLACE “for our kids with cancer a home for families”
Free for spectators, great for the whole family! Competition begins at 11:00 am at the Outdoor Arena Track.


Strong Man entry form Strong Man rules


Strongman Competition Events —

Log press/circus dumbbell press: With the log press, the implement is round and has a parallel hand grip which makes the event much harder. The athlete must pick up the weight and overhead press the weight to full extension. Upon completion, the athlete will then grab a giant dumbbell with both hands, get the weight to their shoulder and release one hand, then they will overhead press to full extension.

Farmer’s walk: The athlete has two weights, one on each side of them, they have to pick up the weight and walk a set distance as fast as they can.

Deadlift: With the deadlift, the athletes have weight on the floor in front of them, they pick the weight up and put it back down.

Truck pull: The athlete is harnessed to a truck and they have to pull the truck a set distance as fast as they can.

Atlas stones: The Atlas stones are a staple event. They are giant concrete balls that the athlete must pick up and place over a bar as many times as they can in 60 seconds.

Keg toss: This is a last man standing event. Everyone starts at the same height and they have 3 attempts to clear each height. If they are unable to clear the bar, they are out. The winner is the person that throws the keg the highest.

Arm over arm drag: With the arm over arm drag there is some form of weight at the end of a rope. On the other end is the athlete behind a bracing block. They have to drag the weight as fast as they can over a set distance.

Hercules hold: This event is a lot of fun. There is a weight on each side of the athlete. They have to grab the handles on the weights and the weight is released. Then the athlete has to stand and hold the weight for as long as they can.


Weight class LW women HW women LW Men HW Men Masters women Masters men
Axel press 125 150 225 275 120 225
Keg toss empty keg empty keg empty keg empty keg empty keg empty keg
Deadlift 185 185 185 185 185 185
Hercules hold 150 185 225 300 150 225
Atlas stones 125 150 245 300 125 245