Livestock Sale

Garfield County Livestock Show and Sale

Why support the sale?

The Garfield County Junior Livestock Sale is the culmination of the year’s work for 4-H and FFA members. They have spent months selecting, training, and feeding their animals in preparation for the fair. The sale also provides youth the funds to begin the next year’s projects. Many of these youth save a portion of these funds for their upcoming college careers. Ultimately, your help supports a unique educational program in agriculture. You support a program that emphasizes involvement in projects that teach strong morals and values, a program that provides a drug free environment, and a program that promotes citizenship, leadership and community involvement. Through their involvement, young people learn how to produce food for your table, as well as how to be in business for themselves. The price you pay today encourages youth participation and is a small investment in the future of American agriculture.

• Buyers are invited to the best barbecue in town, starting at 11:30 am, Saturday
• Ringside seating for the sale at 1 pm
• Recognition in the Sale Program
• Recognition in print media
• Buyers will receive a complimentary color photo of their purchase with the 4-H/ FFA member
• Tremendous gratitude from the 4-H & FFA livestock project members

Livestock Sale participation

Individuals may obtain top-quality beef, pork, lamb, goat, rabbit, and poultry for your freezer to enjoy all year long. You pay the total sale price bid at the time of the sale. You will need to designate where you will want the animal processed and fill out a cutting instruction sheet. Bid price does not include processing.

Split Buying

If a whole animal is too much, you can split with a friend or relative in halves or quarters. Two or more individuals, families, businesses, or organizations may wish to split the cost of an animal. This reduces the cost to any one person or group, and reduces the amount of meat each will receive.

Buy Back

Buyers not wanting to keep their purchased animal pay the difference between the final bid price and the Buy Back price listed in the front of the Sale Order brochure.

For donation

Donate the meat from your purchase to one or more nonprofit organizations. Youth benefit from your support, while you get the promotion, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that your favorite organization gets the meat. You may also donate the processing fees or arrange with the recipient to pay the processing fees.


Add-ons are a good way to support a specific youth or group of youth, if you are unable to purchase an animal. Add-ons are a flat fee, large or small. Add-on money is added on top of the sale price. You do need to be a registered buyer. Add-ons can be done at the time of the sale or at the completion of the sale.

For more information, contact the Garfield County Extension Office, at 970-625-3969.