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Support our youth at the virtual livestock sale

What a difference a year makes. Last year, we were getting ready to enjoy our annual Garfield County Fair and Rodeo and ecstatic to catch Trace Adkins at the Friday night concert.  Well this year things sure have changed, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent cancelation of many events has taken the wind out of our sails … however not for all events have been cancelled.

“We’ve seen good times and some rough times, and everyone that’s been around farming and ranching knows that’s how it goes,” said Commissioner Mike Samson. “We learn to take it all in stride; it’s part of life and we continue forging ahead despite the adversity. Use this time to get in touch with an old friend you haven’t spoken with for a while. Friendship is the bedrock of community.”

We’re now seeing the economy reopening and many of us are beginning to get life back to normal, however the state’s public health order is prohibiting fairs, rodeos, parades and festivals from taking place. This led the fair board to make the tough decision to cancel all in-person events this summer.

This may seem like a sour note, but in Garfield County, we’re letting our ingenuity and can-do attitude shine through. As Garfield County commissioners, we are thrilled about the virtual offerings at this year’s fair and rodeo, especially the Junior Livestock Show and Sale.

These 4-H kids have poured their hearts and souls into producing some of the finest livestock and fowl you’ve seen. The livestock show is a very important event that helps these kids see a return on their investments. Our support for the 4-H youth is more important than ever as we all navigate these uncertain times together as a tight-knit community.

The ever-colorful open class is also proceeding online, and we can’t wait to see all the wonderful submissions this year. The imagery, creativity and skill presented never ceases to amaze us. Together, we can brighten up the lives of so many of our own by participating in the virtual events.

Let’s support our community and western heritage at these virtual Garfield County Fair and Rodeo events!

Mike Samson

John Martin

Tom Jankovsky